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Build a new Business online with pH4Social. Offer a Social Networking Service to your users or customers in the easiest way.
100% unencrypted source code and PSD files included allowing you to make your own modification and changes as you want, beautiful code allowing you to understand easily the code and know what modification you need, based on the latest Web technologies and uses the most popular libraries like Bootstrap, jQuery and Laravel allowing you to find and have a lot of documentation ready on the Net and a lot of developers already know it!

After months of development and testing, we are very pride today to offer you have the first software allowing to create any Social Networking service/sites in the easiest and cheapest way!



Some Popular Features ...

Responsive Design

pH4Social comes with a full responsive design. That means everyone can use your website through any modern devices (Cell Phone, SmartPhone, Laptop, PC, Nintendo DS, PSP, ...).

Time Line & Profile Page

The powerful timeline of pH4Social allows your users to show-off them-self and have a friendly page. The feature will give you a good image of your enterprise.

SEO optimized

The software is optimized for the SEO and Google's algorithm. We have worked a lot to provide a suck optimization. It will give you the best opportunity to be on the best Google & Bing search position. You will be 60% more lucky to get 40% of traffic more than most other "social networking" software.

Fast, Smart and Intuitive to Use

78% of users left a website because it is too slow. Users hate when a website is slow, Search engine too (and you probably agree with that), that's why, pH4Social has been built to be very fast (it uses also a static/db cache system) and will display pages in the fastest time.
Users don't like sites with difficult navigation as well (search engine such Google too), we understand it very well, and have been working a lot on it to provide a software containing one of the easiest and intuitive navigation in order to make your users and Google happy!

Full Membership System with Highly Configurable Permissions

We have created a very easy and powerful membership system that can be suitable in any websites.
It will allow you to have an unbeatable organization, save you money and time in moderation members and allow you to get even more user!

Lot of features for Users, Moderators and Admins!

pH4Social offers the most popular feature that every social networking sites should have. We have created a lot of modules like Blog, Images, Videos (including Youtube/Vimeo API), CHat, IM, Wall, Cover Profile, Comments and much more!
Moderators are able to manage all UGC (User-Generated Content), add blog, articles, and even edit some website's info.
Finally, Admins (the Gods...), are able to do everything able to do on the website. Admins can also add new admins (and of course add new moderators and users as well).

Interactive Chat & Messenger + IM

pH4Social offer a draggable IM and a Chat allowing instantaneous message with notification and bip.

Interactive Ajax Search Form + Feature Users

Nowadays, everybody know that search system should be still more and more smart and provide the most appropriate data and with the best quality to the user. We thought of this, our research system uses several innovative technologies including Web cookies in order to read the user's mind and suggest that he thinks at the moment and give him exactly the profiles (or other data) he wants.

Lifetime Support

We want the curve of your business continues to grow up and unlik most competitive software, we don't want that you are dealing with additional problems. Our goal is to save you money and time and this is guaranteed with our software.
That's why, we understand that Support is very important for you and your business. Unlike most competing software, we offer a "LifeTime technical support service.

What do you really Want/Need?


  • If you're looking for a long time to a simple & powerful Social Software
  • If you have tested a lot of Social Scripts and wasn’t satisfied with those, you should test “pH4Social”
  • If you want to have you own Social Network online in less that 1 hour, pH4Social is simply for you!
  • If you need a Portal Web for your company, you’re also on a good place
  • If you need a Social Network powerful & resistant to a very High Traffic
  • If you don’t have a powerful server or want to pay a cheap host, and so you need a software using low server resource (CPU)
  • If you don’t want to pay Ads and want a software highly optimized for SEO
  • Best Social Features Available Included in It!

    We believe that our software is one of the best in Social Networking PHP Scripts currently available!
    We’re working hard to always keep the best social features in it and we’re always trying to improve and include new exciting and exclusive features.


What do you will Get?


  • Professional Social Software
  • 100% Customizable
  • Responsive Template (fits over all modern devices)
  • Complete Admin Panel to save considerable time
  • SEO optimization to get more and more visitors
  • Attractive registration form to easily convert any “visitors” into “members”
  • Keep in Touch easily with your Members through our ingenious Messaging System
  • Enjoy your social network without a Hassle for you!
  • Manage all your Members in minutes with only few clicks


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Just an idea of what you will get after purchase

If you are still not satisfied, just remember that we offer a two-month guarantee